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Klapa Kastav was founded in June 1992 and since then has been continuously and committed to preserving the Croatian musical heritage. Many years of successful work are proven by numerous awards and prizes at home and abroad. Highlights are 1st prizes at the Festival of A Cappella Singing Buzet ’99 in Istra in years 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2011 which is the most successful participant of the above mentioned Festival.

Prvi nastup klape u Omišu, 14.07.1997.

The biggest success so far achieved Klapa Kastav in October 2002 Klapa Kastav participated at the 2nd Choir Olympics Busan 2002, in South Korea, where they won the gold Olympic medal in the category of Folklore a cappella, and the silver Olympic medal in the category of Male Chamber Choir. Klapa Kastav won also prizes at the 1st Choir Olympics 2000 in Linz – Austria (silver and bronze Olympic medal) at the 3rd Choir Olympics 2004 in Bremen, Germany (silver and bronze Olympic medal) and at the 7th Choir Olympics 2012 in Cincinnati, USA (silver Olympic medal).

Prvo međunarodno gostovanje, Malta, studeni 1998.

In November 2010 Klapa Kastav won the 1st prize at The American International Choral Festival – St. Louis / USA. Last two years Klapa Kastav won the 1st prize at the 23rd Pop Music Festival Melodije hrvatskog juga – Opuzen 2016 (Croatia) and the 1st prizes in catergory Folklore at 11th International Choir Competition in St. Petersburg 2015 (Russia) and at the 8th International Choir Competition in Grado 2016 (Italy).

Prvi CD klape Kastav, Svojmu gradu, objavljen 1997.

Until now Klapa Kastav was on tours in: Argentina, Austria, Brasil, Germany, Hungary, Italy, South Korea, Malta, México, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain and USA.
Klapa notes point out that successful cooperation with many distinguished names in the Croatian music scene. In this sense, certainly the most significant project to date is a big benefit concert in the National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka in October 2004, where he appeared accompanied by Rijeka Chamber Symphony Orchestra directed by maestro Alan Bjelinski.


Until now Klapa Kastav has published four CDs and one DVD. In June 1997 Klapa Kastav has published the first CD Svojmu Gradu (To my Town), presenting the original folk songs of Istra and Northern Adriatic, some of them almost forgotten but some very popular and sung by the people of the area. In addition, the CD include also some author songs based on the local musical heritage and in local dialect.

In August 2001 Klapa Kastav has published the second CD ...u plavom beskraju... ( blue endless...) whit a cappella arrangements of Croatian pop music evergreens from 50's to 90's of the 20th century. The third CD and DVD Iskre vremena (Sparks times) was published in 2005 and represents the recording oft the humanitarian concert which has the same name.

Klapa Kastav was nominated in final circle for the Croatian Music Award Porin 2006 in category The Best A Cappella Performance with the song 'Vo je naša zemlja (This is our country) recorded on the CD and DVD Iskre vremena (Sparks times) mentioned above. In September 2010 Klapa Kastav published the fourth CD 'Vo je naša zemlja (This is our country) dedicated to the Dalmatian musical heritage and with this CD was nominated in final circle for the Croatian Music Award Porin 2011 in category The Best Folklore Choral CD.

At the end of May 2017, Klapa Kastav will release its fifth CD More, nebo, zemja (Sea, sky, homeland) dedicated to vocal and instrumental songs inspired by the chakavian dialect lyrics of the Croatian Littoral and Istria.

This year, Klapa Kastav will take part in the 3rd European Choir Games which will take place in the capital of Latvia, Riga.

Saša Matovina has been the artistic person in charge of the Male Vocal Ensemble Klapa Kastav since 1994.


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